Project Overview

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The City of Sequim desires to work with the community and key stakeholders to develop a conceptual “complete street” design to enhance the South Sequim area and to connect Economic Opportunity Areas (EOA) on the east and west sides of the project area. The City of Sequim’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan identifies the need for a collector road at Prairie Street, the natural alignment approximately midway between the US 101 bypass to the south and Washington Street to the north. The Public Engagement process is intended to thoroughly evaluate and vet options for routing and terminations at either end of the corridor where connections to Prairie from 9th Avenue and Brown Road currently do not exist. This project, with community input and collaboration, will not only identify a preferred route and design for the above identified corridor and its terminals, but will establish a replicable concept to be used throughout South Sequim for a “complete street” design. The replicable “complete streets” design concept is to address the neighborhood’s safety and mobility needs for its residents, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists, through the incorporation of landscaping, public art, pedestrian-scale street lighting, stormwater management improvements and other design amenities to enhance the quality of life of the neighborhood. Improving access to the EOA’s will also support the City’s goal to increase family and living wage jobs identified in the Comprehensive Plan. The major elements of the Public Engagement phase of this project include, a comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions, including traffic counts, public participation and the collaborative development of conceptual design alternatives. The project is expected to begin in the Summer of 2019 and be completed by the Spring of 2020.

Join us for the Design Charrette August 28-30, 2019

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